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Website That Solves The Real Problems

Openthrive team will redesign your website to remove any friction that stops your customers from using your website. If your website doesn’t resonate with marketing & sales anymore, there might be several underlying reasons.

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Old And Boring

The dullness from your website travels far to your prospects’ minds. It gives them a sense of irresponsibility and lack of confidence that creeps up in decision-making.

Difficult To Explore

Even if you have loads of information slammed on the website, but people can’t find it, it means the website’s navigation and overall arrangement are creating trouble.

No Action Taken

If your prospects are not taking the next step on your website, what’s the point? Your website is missing clarity leading to delayed or no action.

Poor Engagement

If your prospects keep bouncing off as soon as they land on your website, it means their expectations aren’t met on your website. They will immediately exit and look for an alternative.

Website Design Solution
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Anything Unique?

Website That scales B2B

We use the Blue Ocean Strategy & Insight Selling methodology to build every website. Make your website stand out and scale your business in spite of huge competition in your industry.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Our website design solution helps you implement this technique to make competition irrelevant to grow faster.

Insight Selling

This methodology helps your business win enterprises deals through resonating website with sales journey.

Anything Unique?

A Modern Website That Performs​

Having a beautiful website is good for the eyes of your buyers. However, being only that will not remove the friction they face on your website. You need a website that would really solve for your customers.

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100% Search friendly on all browsers

Search engine optimization is something that starts at the time of strategizing the structure of the website and individual pages. Do not keep this for the end. We integrate this at the beginning because SEO is more about the technical stuff than the copywriting part that comes later.

Easy To Navigate Across Pages

We’ve seen people getting lost even in a 10-page website! No kiddin’. It’s your duty to guide them all along. Page to page, section to section, and directly land where they need to be. Finding what they’re looking for shouldn’t be a blocker. When we work on the navigation of your website, we think from the perspective of every audience segment, even including new talent.

Hosts A Library Of Resources

Building a resource collection is not about producing the tone of content and publishing. This is a complex process of designing the library considering various content formats, intelligently categorizing for different audiences and problems you address, and technically setting up the space to host these segment resources.

Connect Your Audience to your Marketing & Sales team

Identify the gaps that your marketing and sales teams face every day because of which your prospects come and go away without any interaction on the website. These gaps could be filled by a unique combination of design, messaging, navigation, automation, and segmented personalization.

Make your prospects fall into your funnels

Build a website that is ready to carry multiple funnels for your marketing and sales teams. For this, we approach your website design process with a strategy in mind where there’s huge scope to scale your funnels smoothly.

Enabled with marketing automation

This is going to be a contemporary and smart website for your business that is highly engaging for your visitors. All the funnels we build and other touchpoints on the website will be automated. This super intuitive setup will help your marketing, and sales teams fill any gaps and establish a sleek experience for prospects and customers.

website redesign service openthrive
website redesign service openthrive

Seamlessly integrate with other tools

While you’re transitioning into a well-defined new age tech stack, you need to make sure that every aspect of running your business is seamlessly integrated with each other. Your website, marketing system, sales processes & tech, commerce system, and your team - the whole infrastructure demands alignment.

Increase your winning rate

A website that responds to your prospects, partners, and employees in the way they need individually is the winner. This also comes in handy when you have multiple audience segments to serve from the same website. But, before that, it must be clear what exactly is a winning situation for you in the case of every user segment.

Opens faster than your visitor blinks

Your website has to be blazing fast. Not for yourself, but for the humans who’ll use it. Slow websites not only give a dull experience to the visitors but also cause a lot of fall-offs. It’s like, somehow you get people to visit your home for lunch, and then shoo them away by planning to offer them food at dinner time. You see?

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Exceptionally Designed

For Marketing & Sales engagement

Get more than a new website design. Give your business a future proof website to utilise the power of next generation marketing & sales technology.

Upgrade Website experience

Give your marketing & sales a boost with a better website experience instantly.

Personalize & engage

Engagement is the new KPI. Personalize & engage on every stage.

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Right Technology

Choose Your CMS Platform

Website with ability to make changes without the need of a developer. A system that makes your website fast, secure & keeps afresh over the time.

HubSpot CMS

We design a unique and custom HubSpot CMS theme for your website.

WordPress Custom Design

We have 10+ years of experience in WordPress design development.

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