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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s how we define the System of Growth - It is a unique combination of well-synced growth strategies, technology stack, and implementation plan that has the capability to bring back the business in control in terms of website engagement, marketing, sales, support, commerce, and business intelligence.

Read more about it here.

This is a minimum 3-month exercise, that could also go up to 6 months depending upon the size of your business, your products, and the tech stack we finalize for you.

The resources you put into designing and building your System of Growth are an investment for your business, not a cost, first of all.

Understand it like this - when you send your kid to school, you are investing in her future so that she grows up into an independent woman and becomes capable of taking responsibility for herself, her family, and her career.

Likewise, when you build and grow your business on the foundations of a strong omnichannel system of growth, you will be able to adapt to the changing markets, respond to the complex customer needs, and expand into new verticals and horizontals of your industry with a comparatively easier flow. You will still come across challenges for sure, but you’ll be ready as hell to tackle them with a powerful backbone.

That’s the kind of ROI we work for.

It’s today. Whichever stage your business is at, it’s only an intelligent step to visit your current systems from time to time.

Ideally, this is something a company must do right when it registers its name for the brand.

However, it’s never too late to start bringing your business back on track with an orchestra of well-defined systems in place.

Openthrive has worked with several B2B companies to build their System of Growth. Sometimes, companies use some legacy software that they’ve been dragging for ages, and some other times, they have a decent tool that does the job.

When Openthrive comes on board, we will be putting your existing tools to the test and see if they’re usable or if you need something better. We have the finest ones in the market, and we’ll build the system for you on the latest technology that is capable of improving your situation, whether you use our recommendation or any of your existing ones.

So, to answer your question precisely, you may not have to move to another software, unless we don’t show you a better one here.

Not necessarily. It depends upon your products and how you want your customers and clients to make purchases on your website. Please get in touch with us to discuss your case in more detail.

Growth Pack is the foundation that every B2B company should be built on for better future scaling opportunities. Openthrive has worked with some age-old companies that are 40+ years old that were missing out on this system and strategies.

We’d suggest that if your company is in active business for more than a decade, then you might need something more than the systems, leaning more towards Impact Bolt.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss your exact situation in detail, and we’ll help you figure out a solution that solves uniquely for you.

There are two kinds of teams that will keep your organization growing after the new system is established.

First, the teams that will actually use the new system every day going forward. These people need to be well-trained. After the systems are built, the Openthrive team will train this in-house team in your org so that they can use it to the fullest.

Second, the teams that will manage your complete system and keep everything on track with guided strategies so that your in-house departments never face a glitch ever. This ongoing engagement will be provided by the Openthrive team starting immediately after the systems are built.

Our omnichannel system of growth solution is designed to be useful for B2B companies in any industry, whether it’s manufacturing, SaaS, construction, etc. The strategies and technologies may or may not differ across industries, depending upon your products and services.

It depends on your organization’s goals. In any case, we will start with revisiting your current systems and taking your goals into account. That exercise will help us figure out what’s missing in the puzzle in order to move in the direction your goals lie.

If we conclude that you are already covered in terms of the basic systems, then we’d take you in the direction of our enterprise solution, Impact Bolt. It is more of a strategic partnership between your organization and Openthrive where we work alongside your leadership team and management team to scale your business with revenue acceleration.

Read about Impact Bolt in detail right here.

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