Why You Should Revamp Your B2B Website Every 2.6 Years

Why You Should Revamp Your Website Every 2.6 Years

Speaking about a definite 2.6-year number, this report explains various scenarios and trigger points when a B2B company like yours must start a discussion around their websites. How powerful a tool your website can be determined only when you get your team members to analyze what goes into it and what you’re actually missing by not focusing on it.

This mega transformation will help you stay on top of your digital strategy for marketing and sales. Here’s what you can expect from this short report:

  • Reasons of low-converting website
  • Outdated design kills
  • Slow & bad experience
  • Not responsive
  • Stale content strategy
  • Minimal web designing is a savior
  • Website personalization
  • Keeping the website fresh always

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