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Printrove is a dropshipping platform for the on-demand printing of products for artists and entrepreneurs as ecommerce sellers. They can start their own custom merchandise brand with a series of product range and their own designs. People design & sell, while Printrove will print, pack and ship under ‘their brand name’, so it’s a whitelabel service. Printrove presents an amazing opportunity for anybody who wants to be an entrepreneur and loves to design creatively.

Problems We Solved

Printrove had a huge challenge to provide its customers the ease of doing business. Their old approach was a very generic social media marketing, which was not working as Printrove is a SaaS company. If you know the eCommerce industry in India, there are challenges like cost to the company, taxes, fulfilment, customer support, managing returns etc. But, that’s not it.

A Traditional Website

Printrove had a very basic website when they launched. Not enough information for the visitors could have been a matter of distrust.

A New Niche

Print-on-demand droshipping was at a nascent stage then, and it was difficult to convince people to start a business in India.

A Tough Competition

A few similar companies started around the same time as Printrove, and it was just like “who gets most attention first & how soon?”

What We Did

General marketing won’t work. Next level of marketing i.e. Inbound Marketing, that’s what we did with Printrove. The complete idea of their initial approach was revived and now, including their company message which is closer to what they do, and depicts the ease they provide to their customers.


Some Prominent Results

  • Total Visitors: 78,453
  • Total Sessions: 182,440
  • Total pageviews: 501,619


Website design and CRO

Printrove’s website was completely revamped, in terms of design, flow and content. This was not a one-day job or even a one-month job. Over months and months, with subtle modifications, their website grew with a proper structure and optimization.

The best part was that they understood inbound very well, and had the determination to get on the journey.

The process started with their website development and a complete makeover of their website, and now they were delivering a different message that sounded more beneficial for their users.

Content Audit

After a year into the inbound phase, we did a thorough content audit of each and every content that was ever created in their company to find opportunities for growth, and plan the next steps.

Printrove’s approach throughout the website and channels became all about educating their prospects and customers. More and more information was included on their website on the right pages.

Marketing Automation

Printrove now has a very well-structured lead nurturing system in place. A single contact that enters into their system is caught and nurtured through personalised and activity-specific emails, so that either they become a customer, a subscriber, or a fan.

Newsletter & Email Marketing

Printrove newsletters were quick to catch attention and generate interest among their subscribers. Their email marketing got structured, and regular. Every update they had, every new feature on the platform, and every product launch, was being conveyed to their subscribers and customers promptly. The best part - people were replying to the marketing emails.

Enterprises Sales Enablement

Things didn’t stop until marketing, Printrove had their sales system structured through the sales enablement on their CRM. Collecting data, taking the next steps, and getting people to become their customers even at a higher price became easier.

Niche Blog Development

Printrove blog became the centre of content creation where they published articles with the rate of six to eight per month. This didn’t stop, and here’s how the graph looks over the period of two solid years. They quickly understood that their audience needs more education in this area, only then they would be able to trust. Hence, the type of content on their blog varied according to the level of information their audience already had, and what they expected.


Screenshot (4)


Screenshot (3)


Screenshot (2)


This is a marvellous example of how inbound marketing and growth driven website design works. Rome was definitely not built in a day. It took them time and effort consistently without a break to reach this. This dedication and commitment got them great search rankings, favoritism among their customers, and loyalty for their brand.

No paid ads, it was sheer contribution from their whole team, from the CEO to the salesperson.

Number of leads, you ask

Previously they were getting 3-5 leads in a week, and now they are able to get 5-10 leads everyday. That’s the power of inbound. If you have patience, commitment to stick to one path keeping space for experiments, inbound is for your business.

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