Growth Driven Design Service

You Can't Grow Your Business Without A Beauty With Brain Website.

You may have built a great product, but that’s not enough to attract, convert and close a stranger to become your paid customer. You need to have a great website to get the most out of your Inbound Marketing efforts.

How A Powerful Website Looks Like?

Your website is your salesperson. It shouldn’t be irritating, be talking useless salesy stuff, or actually pushing potential buyers away. In fact, Your website should be highly optimized for your audience so when they decide to buy, they are already on your page. Satisfying, isn’t it?


Customer Focused: STRATEGY

Poor design is a terrible excuse to lose potential customers. Every element of your website should serve a purpose that grabs attention, retains it and eventually converts into a sale.

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Solid Foundation: LAUNCH PAD

Along with images and colors, your website should be equipped to handle traffic, manage upgrades, interact and navigate seamlessly. It should work smoothly on all devices.


Humans are constantly evolving and their needs change with time. Your website should acknowledge behavior change and must get updated by improving tactics on a regular basis.


That is What We Call

Growth Driven Design For Website

Your business exists to help your customers. Now, if you operate online, it’s a must that the absence of a real person must not be felt by the users on your website.

Growth-Driven Design is an investment that gives a new life to your website every day. Just like slow cooked for high nutrition. Your website becomes more capable of understanding what a visitor wants to see before becoming a lead, and what leads want see see before becoming a paid customer. It’s just like evolution of your website.


How We Do It For You?

Every business is different, and hence every website must be different. We first understand your business process that you want to handle online, and then we come up with a structure of your website on paper. The flow of information, the placement of every element and the navigation – we fix these before getting on to the real playground.



10-14 DAYS

This is the brainstorming and research period where we find out what’d be the best for your business website.


Launch Pad

60-90 DAYS

This is the development period where the first go of your website is ready with all important elements in place.


Continuous Improvement


This happens at regular intervals based on the analysis of visitor behavior patterns observed by various tools.

How Much Growth Driven Design Service Costs?

Openthrive works on the web design or redesign projects that have a genuine budget according to the requirements of the design. Not a fixed price, but we have a price range for your web design project based on factors that affect the complexity and timeline of the project.

Platfroms: HubSpot or WordPress

We quote you based on variables like – A) your website size, ie the number of unique pages, B) your website content, ie the source of content, who writes it, the length of content, time to write the content, and C) the technical requirements of your website, ie the plugins, functionality, ecommerce.

  • Strategy – The Core: $1000-$2500
  • Launchpad – First Live: Starts From $5000-$15000
  • Continuous improvement – Slow Cooking: $1000-$2000 per month

Feeling Uneasy With Your Growth Rate?

Need To Talk It Out?

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