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About The Client grew organically out of a system that was already being used by an inspector, a Realtor and their contractor. To better assist his clients, the Realtor would take the inspection report that the inspector provided his clients after their home inspection and then give it to the contractor to price out. The Realtor could then use that home repair estimation as a negotiation tool for his clients during the option period to get necessary repairs performed by the seller, or even reduce the sales price.


Without an in-house marketing team, there was no effective way of fast and sustainable growth for them. It was difficult to strategize and bring any ideas to life as they were missing out on marketing technology.

– Website built on old technology, causing low engagement and conversions on all channels
– No tracking system of customer interaction to report on a single dashboard
– Unstable and low customer retention

Our Solution

Started with baby-steps by onboarding them over to HubSpot, strategizing and building their website on WordPress with a new design structure. Some highlights of the carefully planned engagement system for RepairPricer are:

– Website built on a fresh sitemap and wireframe, using the latest tools and technologies
– Intricate segmentation of the audience that helped in building highly specific campaigns
– Established and improved alignment of the new marketing and sales teams
– Systems set up to stop any lead leakage from the pipelines
– Targeted and improved Pushbound, Inbound & ABM partnerships
– Well-planned and well-executed automation for every possible instance that saved time and monitored growth
– Advanced methods of integration to keep up with the audience needs and the latest trends

The Results & Impact

The RepairPricer team now has a well-organized marketing system, along with a sales system having multiple channels. This gave them the opportunity to explore all the untouched partnerships with the existing and old clientele.

– 1770.8% increase in no. of meetings booked compared to the previous year
– A humongous 700% increase in lead-to-customer conversions
– Exponential retention of the existing and growing customers
– 99% positive feedback from the customers who simply love them

"We have been working with Openthrive for almost three years to strategize, implement, and maintain an automated marketing system through HubSpot. They have taken the time to learn about every facet of our business to build a deep understanding of what is needed to create an effective B2B inbound and pushbound marketing strategy. They have really become an extension of our internal team and are always available (even on Slack!) to make changes, improvements and assist with any issues. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to launch or refine their marketing automation systems to make them more effective."
christian adams repairpricer
Christian Adams
CEO, RepairPricer