Breakthrough Technology & Manufacturing Scanners For CBREs


RaySecur had great ideas and a brilliant product, but their market reach was not enough to prove their capability and get business. Here’s what it all looked like:

– Poor and dull website, with unclear funnel
– Weak content on all channels, no strategy involved
– Low website engagement and conversions
– Manual management of marketing, leads, and sales
– Low market reach


This is an enterprise product that large companies would buy. So, taking the account-based engagement approach is the only important method that needs a mention. Additionally, below is an outline:

– Pushbound email strategy
– Marketing automation and funnels, along with niche blog
– Website audit, redesign and CRO


This was a complete transformation for RaySecur and it resulted not only in great numbers but also huge business opportunities.

– 10+ deals closed with Fortune 500 clients & governments
– 125% increase in the quotation request
– 321% leads to customers conversion


Services Offered:



Having understood our complex product, Kamal and team made it possible. Our marketing system became smooth and clear."
Eric Giroux
CEO, RaySecur