RaySecur – ABM Setup & Engagement Design

Being a completely B2B manufacturing company, they were not seeing results by traditional way of marketing. There were definitely challenges to face, but a lot was achieved.
Raysecur™ has developed a breakthrough technology based on millimeter waves, capable of detecting and confirming powders, liquids and all forms of cbres inside envelopes & small packets.

Sales and Marketing love funnels, as they enable every prospect and lead to flow and take actions like magic. The inbound strategy including the marketing and sales funnel did serve our client well and is still doing great. We started with understanding RaySecur’s prospects, their Problems, solutions, and their Buying habits. We worked with a modern and engineered inbound marketing strategy, which gave results from its core.

“Having understood our complex product, Kamal and team made it possible. Our marketing system became smooth and clear.”
Eric Giroux
CEO - Raysecur

The Solid Foundation

A website is the mirror of your Company. Everyone visits your website To Explore your offerings in the first place. So, we did their website again with the right content and optimized design. We performed conversion rate optimization to increase the number of conversions of website visitors And leads into their customers. After which, the number of such conversions they get has increased by 321%.

Engagement Flow

We created several email campaigns with relevant landing pages to reach out to possible leads. And it helped them to gather engagement from the receivers. We designed every email sequence individually, no copy-and-paste stuff because we understand that each customer’s needs are different from others.

Impact Of Our Engagement Design

  • 10+ Deals Closed With Fortune 500 Clients & Governments
  • 125% Increase in Quotation Request
  • 321% Leads To Customers Conversion
  • A Solid ABM Cum Inbound Marketing Machine

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