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Printrove has always had a great product team. However, they had a huge challenge to provide their customers with the ease of doing business. They had great motivation but they were using traditional marketing, which was not fulfilling their aspirations. We worked with Madhur Printrove CEO and his team for months to create a design and engagement system. Now they are in the top position in the print on demand industry.
Printrove is a dropshipping software platform for the on-demand printing of products for artists and entrepreneurs as eCommerce sellers.
Printrove Website Design - Cover

Printrove’s website was completely revamped, in terms of design, flow, and content. This was not a one-day job or even a one-month job. Over months and months, with subtle modifications, their website grew with a proper structure and optimization.

Now, they were delivering a different message that sounded more beneficial for their users.

“It's been great working with Openthrive. They have a great understanding of inbound marketing and their systems are in place to make sure the plan is executed properly.”
Madhur Chauhan
CEO - Printrove

The Solid Foundation

Printrove’s approach throughout the website and channels became all about educating their prospects and customers. More and more information was included on their website on the right pages. Marketing automation made the system efficient, frictionless, and smooth transaction of conversion qualified leads from marketing to sales system.

Engagement Flow

B2B Engagement Activation enables marketing & sales alignment to adopt a precise, agile, and integrated approach across channels to succeed in the digital world, through data and analytics. Our dynamic marketing approach provides B2B companies with accurate customer insights, competitive intelligence, and a single source of marketing performance.

Impact Of Our Engagement Design

Engagement not only gives customers a reason to buy again, but but also help them to increase their own business revenue with Printrove. Win-win workflow. Previously they were getting 3-5 leads in a week, and now they are able to get 5-10 leads every day. that’s the power of inbound. If you have patience, commitment to stick to one path keeping space for experiments, Inbound is for your business.

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