Simple and Quick Ways Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Simple and Quick Ways Drive Traffic To Your Blog

The success of any blog is directly proportional to the exponential growth in its traffic. But when your blog is completely new and only a few people know it, then apart from creating content you have to focus on building traffic channels for your blog.

If you want to make money or generate leads for your business, you have to drive traffic to your blog. Do you want to take the traffic of your blog to the next level? If yes, this post is exclusively for you.

Here are 8 solid ways to make your blog a traffic magnet, without spending years and thousands of dollar budget?

1. Create What Your Readers Want to Read.

Online is the biggest library for any type of content, and your blog is a tiny part of this huge base. How can people find you? So, you have to match your content with requirements of the people. You have to understand what exactly or similarly your ideal readers want to read.

You can understand what your readers want to read in a number of ways. Here are three simple and free ways to find out.

I. Conduct keyword research before writing.
II. Do competitor analysis and find out what are they doing.
III. Ask your reader through a survey.

2. Perform SEO Each Time You Write.

Search engine optimisation is the best practice to make a traffic magnet blog. Search engines have a huge traffic potential, it can be a traffic monster for your blog. So, don’t forget to utilise the opportunity of SEO on your blog.

Make sure your blog is optimised for the search engine. Search Engine Optimisation of your blog is far more than just installing Yoast SEO plugin. So, utilise on page and off page genuine SEO technique to rank your website on the top.

3. Seamlessly Integrate Social Media.

Social media community has grown just like the viral disease across the globe. According to current statistics, There are more than 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook. I am not talking about other social networks like twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc.Can you guess, how much traffic you can grab from these places?

Even a tiny portion of this number can take your blog’s traffic to any level. Can you guess, how much traffic you can grab from these places?

So, Select few (Max 3) and suitable social networks for your website. Create the business profiles and pages on social networks. Add social sharing buttons on every page/post of your website.

Use the buffer to schedule social media content in advance.

4. Take Advantage Of Google Webmaster.

Google webmaster is a free tool to see how your blog is treated by Google search engine bot. It is the great way to watch how your blog is indexed or rejected by Google. It shows any crawl errors and searches performance of your blog on Google.

You can use Google Webmaster in two ways.

  1. Submit your website, sitemap and fix any indexing errors.
  2. Use its search analytics data to design your content strategy.

Never forget to submit your website to other search engines.

5. Send Personalize email Updates.

Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience just like a personal conversation. You can use it to get extra traffic to your blog. Basically, if someone is subscribing your blog, it means they want to receive email. So, send them a useful and personalise email about every new update on your blog.

You can use service like FeedBurner, but I think it’s too old fashion. I use and recommend Dripwhich is a great replacement of Feedburner. Collect email addresses on your blog. Send them plain text email, every time you write a new post.

6. Comment on Competitors Blog.

The blog comment is a quick way to get exposed on your competitor’s blog. You cannot write a guest post on every blog, so its best way to get the attention of your competitor’s audience. Sometimes you get a backlink to your blog if they allow do-follow i.e you will get SEO benefit too.

So, write a valuable comment just other than “Nice post, thank You”. Use your Gravatar to show your face with a comment.The best way of comment is to add some extra points, start a positive controversial discussion. I found there are lots of other benefits of comment, you get new post idea, some extra knowledge because you read the post before writing comments.

The best way to comment is: add some extra points, start a conversation on existing comment. I found there are lots of other benefits of comment, you get new post idea, learn something new because you read the post before writing comments.

7. Write For Other Blog.

Guest blogging is another great opportunity to meet the new audience. Although some people say it may be harmful due to Google algorithm. But, I think it’s not harmful until and unless you are not doing it just for linking purpose. By the way, if you write relevant, knowledgeable and naturally linked guest post, there is no problem with guest posting.

So, take advantages of guest blogging, and grab a piece of the new audience for your blog. If possible, link your blog within the guest post, otherwise, don’t forget to add a link in your author bio.

8. Use Right Media Where it Requires.

Use a professionally designed or royalty free visual content. If you don’t have enough budget for those, then you can use free images. But, never steal others images or multimedia contents without their permission. Stolen contents may harm your blog, so avoid it.

Bottom Line:

You have to build a strong base to generate traffic for your website. After few days, you will start noticing the positive effect on your traffic.

There are lots of other ways to drive traffic to your blog. But, these are not only easy and free but also little fast and long-term strategies. Hope you found something useful today. Please don’t forget to share your blogging experiences and the main traffic sources of your blog?

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