Top 5 Sources to Start Conversations On your B2B Website

Top 5 Sources to Start Conversations On your B2B Website

Did you know according to a study, 94% of B2B buyers conduct online research before finalizing their purchase?

The only thing that they mainly consider as a part of their research is the company website. Hence, that B2B website of yours needs to be the best at lead generation, engagement, and conversion. 

Among the many visitors to your website, you may find gold. So, your website must be such that it speaks to the visitor and they should be able to smoothly glide through all the information that they need to make their buying decision. 

In this article, we are going to talk about certain ways of website designing to get conversations flowing and to witness a spike in your B2B conversion rate. 

Let’s Get Started with Web Design Fundamentals

It is no surprise that website design plays a significant role in making a B2B website effective. Several studies are confirming that website effectiveness (in terms of conversion) is directly related to website design. 

So, here’s a list of a few quick tips that you must consider to make your B2B website more effective.

  • Engage visitors within seconds of visiting your website by offering valuable information. Since visitors love clicking from link to link in search of information, once you give them information, they are most likely to stay.
  • Ensure a speedy website. Don’t keep your customers waiting for your web pages to load in their browsers as they expect them to get loaded within seconds.
  • Make your user interface simple and easy to navigate. Refrain from getting into complications that will result in customers losing the information they came looking for.
  • Create the right content to attract the right visitors. Give your visitors the reason to dig deeper into your content. Focus on the pain points of your target audience and tell them how you can be of help. 
  • Provide a clear path to make the buyer’s journey easy and hassle-free. Keep the menus and page links prominent and not too overwhelming. Make sure that your B2B company’s search function is easy to operate.
  • Describe your products clearly. Don’t try creating suspense for customers to find out about your product/ services later as they navigate. Be straightforward and mention all the necessary information related to your products & services. 
  • Create a personalized experience for visitors. This will make them remember your company among the several others that they consider throughout their research. Using customized bots for assisting customers on their buying journey is a great way to provide an amazing experience.

The Best Practices to Design an Attractive B2B Website

Getting visitors hooked to your B2B website seems like quite a job, right? 

It is indeed a task to design a compelling website that will attract customers, engage them and ultimately convert them from being a visitor to a buyer. 

Here, we have created a list of few best practices that B2B companies can embed in their website designing. However, the list is not exhaustive. You can add more practices according to your niche and the needs of your target audience. 

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1. Embedding technical language in your website content

Though this may seem a little odd, it is indeed one of the best practices for B2B companies. This is because B2B customers are generally jargon-savvy and they do not need explanations for these technical specifications, unlike B2C consumers. 

Hence, while technical specifications may distract normal consumers, for B2B customers it may be a required data.

2. Consider the needs of multiple stakeholders 

Whether you know it or not, B2B purchase decisions involve a group rather than an individual like in the case of B2C. 

Your website must be focused on addressing the pain points of not just a single consumer but a group of multiple stakeholders within a company. 

3. Offer live conversations when needed

It is a matter of fact that the B2B sales funnel is rather a slow-moving process as there are more people involved in the purchase decision-making.

B2C sales can normally take place in a virtual mode via few online chats or direct communication. But for successful B2B sales, you may need to conduct extended live conversations across different departments. 

So, make sure the buyers’ journey is hassle-free.

4. Consider Case Studies, Webinars, Networking & More

When you are trying to promote B2B services, the marketing should be focused upon case studies, networking at events, webinars, white papers sales calls, and more. 

Focus on providing insights and solutions to generate leads. Consider promoting how you can solve the problem of your target audience. 

5. Use a Professional Tone and Appearance 

While B2C websites can use a lighter tone that’s more like a personal conversation, B2B companies must use a more professional tone. This is because they target earning trust and respect from the audience. 

B2C sites are more about being liked and talked about by consumers. But B2B websites are all about building a relationship with customers based on credibility.

5 Ways to Start a Conversation with Website Chatbots

Think how cool it would be if customer engagement is managed on your behalf! And the good news is that you can do it effortlessly with the help of chatbots. 

Chatbots are now the rising stars that are experts at engaging customers instantly. So here are 5 chatbot conversation starters.

1. Proactive approach

“How can I help you?” is a great question. Simple yet effective. This question has a great impact on customers and it is the first step towards providing amazing customer service. Asking customers proactively help with starting and progressing the conversations. And also, if the customers have an issue, it can be resolved quickly.

2. Figuring out what customers have come for

Your chatbot can start with “What brought you to our website?”. This is a great conversation starter as it helps in knowing what the consumer is looking for. 

By figuring out what has brought a customer to the website, your chatbot can filter out the resolution of the chat. 

It helps in understanding what most visitors come looking for on the company website. And this valuable data helps the business to modify its digital marketing strategies. 

3. Offering value

If you provide value to your visitors right off, the customer will know that there’s a value transaction awaiting them. You can use the conversation starter like “I would like to offer you a free product”. 

With this, the customer receives value upfront without having to pay anything. This makes it much more likely for customers to make a purchase in exchange for money at a later time. 

Offering value helps in establishing credibility for the company. It helps in solidifying the customer’s decision to make a purchase later on.

4. An Amazing Greeting

“Thanks for reaching out! What brings you to our website?” is also an amazing way to reach out to people. It shows customer appreciation for visiting the business website. 

It is a great way to figure out what the customer is looking for and hence, you can meet the customers’ needs efficiently. 

5. Making Customers Think About a Purchase Decision

When your chatbot says “Welcome to our site! Do you have any queries regarding our features, benefits, or pricing?” makes a visitor think about a final sale. 

Hence, they will be interested in asking questions about your features, pricing of services, etc. Resolving their queries instantly makes it easier for you to convert visitors into customers in a hassle-free way. 

Meet With Your B2B Prospects Virtually

This article clearly states how you can get started with customer conversations and make your website effective.

Though we tried covering most of the best practices, there are no definite ways to engage customers. You can add your strategies and practices to ensure that customers are instantly engaged when they visit your website. 

So, why the wait?! Design an effective website to increase conversion and ensure implementing your chatbot for an amazing customer experience.