Simple Way To Write Blog Post Quickly and Regularly

Simple Way To Write Blog Post Quickly and Regularly

Content is the soul of a blog, without content no blog, no SEO and no traffic i.e no money. If you want to start a successful blog you have to create useful and engaging contents regularly.

Fortunately, content creation is not a rocket science. You can create unique and useful contents regularly if you are smart enough to tweak words into sentences. If you are struggling with writing the next blog post, this post will help you come up with a fresh blog post idea in advance.

Two key takeaways from the blog post:

  1. How to Write a Blog Post Quickly?
  2. How to Write Blog Post Regularly?

Let’s start with how to write a high quality and SEO optimised blog post quickly, Ready?

How to Write a Blog Post Quickly?

Writing a blog post is completely different from writing an essay or any other type of content. Here you have to consider what people want to read, what they are searching and which content is going to drive traffic to your blog.

Step 1: Trigger a Blog Post Idea

There are numbers of ways you can trigger your next blog post idea. For example, consider yourself as a reader of your blog, then figure out what problem should be solved by the author of this blog? Pen down everything that comes to your mind.

Next, Select the most burning problem that should be solved first. Shape the problem into a blog topic. Then figure out the keyword that people are using on Google to find the solution.

Some other quick ways to get blog post ideas:

  • Explore Quora
  • Find a topic on Community forums
  • Industry news and event
  • Watch your competitors blog
  • Get inspiration from other niche blogs
  • Ask your readers and so on…

Step #2: Find Out The Keywords

Once you know the topic, conduct a quick keyword research to find out what exactly you should be focusing on, in your content. To do this, open Adwords keyword planner, type the main keyword and hit the big button “get ideas”.


On the next page, you will get keyword ideas with search volume and competition. High competition means harder to rank and similarly medium and low are easier to rank.


Now select the most suitable focused keyword based on search volume, competition and of course the topic of your blog post. Now go ahead and get some insights to write the blog post.

Step 3: Digg the Web

Now search on Google with the same keyword, explore what other people have written. You can use tools like BuzzSumo to find out most popular blog posts that people have shared on social media.

After that, read as much as you can, watch videos and explore infographics etc. Collect all data and insights to write a better and unique blog post.

Step 4: Write The First Draft

Now you have lots of ideas to craft a fresh new blog post. Write the first draft, don’t care about any mistakes or error, you can fix it later. Just keep writing until it becomes a crazy long piece of content.

I usually use EverNote for this step. As its simple and easily sync with my all devices. I can write and edit the remaining part anywhere from any device.

Step 5: Split whole contents into four parts

1. Title: Right a catchy and descriptive title of the article including the main keyword.

2. Introduction: Start with some great opening lines that can grab readers attention to read further. Don’t forget to add the main keyword in the first paragraph if you can. Close the first paragraph with key takeaways that reader will get from the blog.

3. Body: Body is the main part of the article. Make it content rich and actionable not too informative. Use images and graphics to support the insightful points.

4. Conclusion: Write a short conclusion of the copy. This should be not more than two paragraph. People who scan the article usually read the conclusion. So try to cover all important points in this part.

Step 5: Don’t Finish Post in one Sit

Writing article is not a big issue, you can do this in a single seat. But to maintain the quality of content, don’t publish without a proper proofread. First create, the read it loudly, then edit and read again. If you think it sounds natural, go ahead and hit the big publish button.

How to Write Blog Post Regularly?

Use Editorial Calendar

After quality, the quantity is the player which decides how fast your blog will grow. So follow the steps 1 to 3 and note down a long list of blog post ideas in advance.


Use an editorial calendar to write and publish all these blog posts on the certain time in future regularly.

If you don’t know what’s editorial calendar: It’s just like a simple calendar to schedule blog posts in advance.

Editorial Calendar: (Free) Wonderful WordPress editorial calendar plugin.

Write content in advance

Now your blog is completely established, there is no need to waste time for any customization. Put your all efforts to create as much as contents you can. If you have done today’s job, don’t stop and write some more post in advance. It will help you to get your job done in busy days.

Bottom line

Whatever is your reason for blogging, your blog needs content on regular basis. The success of your blog completely depends on quality cum quantity of content you publish. Google prefer active website with quality content, and there are enough competitors who are ful filling both.

So, if you are a new blogger, don’t stop before hitting 100 blog post. After reaching 100 blog posts, take another 100 target make it fast and so on.

Still reading, please don’t forget to share your content creation strategy with me through the comment below. I would love to know your strategy to implement on openthrive.

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