How To Redefine Your B2B Service And Product

How To Redefine Your B2B Service And Product

In any market around the world, businesses need to attract the right buyer by engaging them in several manners. Be it through website traffic, social media, or through face-to-face interactions in the real world, marketing has transcended all boundaries. And yet, every once in a while, marketers always feel the need to change something in the way they are perceived in the eyes of their buyers. 

While companies that operate on a B2C model are often seen doing this, B2B organizations and vendors need this change more often than people think. Especially in a world that is still recovering from not just the initial shocks but also the aftershocks of a global pandemic, B2B brands need a lot of support to build themselves back up. Redefining what you do maybe a good starting point in that journey.

Why? Since the modern buyer’s journey has moved beyond the point of just the “Awareness – Interest – Desire – Action” cycle to include research and feedback loops, how you are viewed and re-viewed as a business matters more than you think. On top of all this, there are several different challenges in the B2B marketing and sales world that need to be overcome so you can continue selling to both, your loyal and newer customers. A one-stop solution to all this is to redefine your service and product for the buyer to see you in a renewed light, and here is how you can do it in the modern world. 

New-Age Marketing Strategies

Your marketing is how people see you for the first time. Nobody just thinks of you for the first time and arrives at your website. In this modern age, your marketing prowess shows just how high the expectations a buyer can have from you. That said, while traditional marketing strategies and the early 2000s marketing types still work for all brands, there are some new tactics that you need to try your hands at.

These new-age marketing strategies are guaranteed to provide results as they are proven to create a good level of engagement directly with your prospective buyers. Why? Because these strategies make use of all known formats of engagement of the current world, like video marketing. If we talk about video marketing alone, it has been proven to bring higher traffic and higher quality leads into the business.

The time is to take a plunge into the world of new-age marketing as with every passing year that you are not investing in these new tactics, there is your competitor who is.

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Aligning Sales and Marketing

While marketing is supposed to do its work and bring in quality leads, it is the job of the sales team to convert these leads. However, many organizations have to suffer because of a misalignment in the goals that their marketing and sales teams are chasing. This misalignment can cost your company about 10% of your profit, which is a significant number in any world.

Align your sales and marketing teams to work towards a common goal. Bring them on the same page when it comes to:

  • Definition of quality lead
  • Assets, information, resources, and case studies that will be shared with prospects
  • KPIs that are relevant to both teams’ performances. 
  • Manage Rework and Expectations

Rework is inevitable because no matter how perfect your strategies and delivery pipelines are, it is impossible to make everyone happy. Yet, with a few simple steps, you can manage this rework and create better customer expectations by tackling your internal processes. Yes, sometimes the change that reflects on the outside has a lot to do with how things are functioning on the inside.

Redefining your product and service can be as simple as managing your internal processes to handle the expectations of your customer better.

Content For Buyer’s Journey

Creating content for each step of the buyer’s journey is important as it keeps you at the top of their head all the time. Redefining your product and service has a lot to do with engaging well as a marketer as well, which is why the importance of content at every point in the buyer’s journey becomes all the more important. Think about how you can add case studies at the interest cycle of your journey to help your buyer compare you better with your competitor, or including a special offer at the action stage to make sure that you are giving them a better deal.

We see such things in real life daily and they often create a renewed image for all businesses that we interact with. And if it works there, why not try something for ourselves?

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Redefine The Customer Experience

Most importantly, the old adage always tells us that while people often come for the product, they stay for the service they get. No matter what you are selling, if the experience of a customer was not good enough, your customer will never return. This is why the key to redefining your product is to redefine what experience you are planning to sell with it.

Make sure that your approach is more towards serving than it is towards selling, ensure that you give them the innovation that they came looking for, and ensure that when they leave, they leave with the feeling of having come to the right place. That is what you want as part of your customer experience because this is the benchmark that you will set for all future interactions with your customer. 

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Redefining how a prospective or returning customer looks at you is an important part of staying relevant in today’s world. It will not only help you to keep your business afloat but will also help bring better quality leads into your sales funnel. With fresh new delivery channels and new-age marketing content, you can create a different image in the head of a buyer for your product and services. Follow these steps and become fresh again for all your customers, today and tomorrow.