Needs, Wants & Wishes in Marketing

Your company serves an audience.

Does your audience have a “need” for your product?

Does your audience have a “want” for your product?

Does your audience have a “wish” for your product?

See, the needs are basic. Every company providing a similar product is fulfilling a need. But some of them might be serving the wants, and a few others the wishes.

Every company cannot cater to the wishes of a customer.

I need to buy a house. It’s a need.

I want to buy a farmhouse on the outskirts of my city. It’s a want because having a peaceful life there attracts me.

I wish to buy a huge house in the States surrounded by a little forest! It’s a wish because currently, I don’t see any possibility of that happening (as I’m in India) but if there’s a chance to do that, I’d take it.

So, with every level, the value increases. Could be monetary value, or attached feelings.

Companies must serve either of these. They could uncover their wants and wishes by asking questions.

Here’s a quick visual I built using FigJam, to make it clearer.


Here’s how my clients fit into this structure –

Openthrive works with CEOs and CMOs of B2B companies who want to scale but their website & marketing aren’t ready. We literally say this on our website home page hero. Check this out 👇

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Now, breaking down the needs, wants, and wishes of my clients here, in their own words.


“We need a pretty-looking website, modern and using the latest design trends.”

  • They need a website with the above descriptions. Yes, that’s important.
  • We give them our “Website Redesign and Development” solution.
  • They understand that we don’t use ready-made templates for their website. Enough relevant strategy and planning goes behind building their website.
  • They do get what they needed in the first place, but they also get a hint of something more which speeds up their business.
  • Additionally, we educate them about everything that’s important apart from the website.


“What brought us here cannot take us there. We want to build a strong marketing foundation, and then capitalize on that.”

  • They might realize this either after their needs were met, or they may already understand their wants and directly ask us for it.
  • We give them our “B2B Inbound Marketing” solution.
  • At this stage, they have certain beliefs and myths forming their idea of inbound marketing.
  • We break it down for them into two phases:
    • Strategy phase (4 to 12 weeks, depending upon how huge is your product range is)
    • Implementation phase (monthly)
  • Just like guided meditation, they are taken on a journey of awareness where we tell them unique findings about their own marketing and business situation that they never had thought about.
  • By the end of the Strategy Phase, they receive a plan of implementation. They also receive two options:
    • Do it yourself with your in-house team
    • Let us do it for you in collaboration with your team
  • They do get what they wanted, but with options to pick from. So, they can consider their budgets at this moment and how badly they want it and then make a decision.


“We have grown to this stage and have steady revenue. But things are not very organized at the moment. We first want to organize that part of the business. Then eventually we wish to expand our operations and scale our revenues.”

  • This is like a combination of their wants and wishes.
  • We give them our flagship solution, “ImpactBolt”.
  • When they talk to us, they intend to know if we understand their problems well if we’re able to contribute to the discussion well, and if we’re proposing a solution tailored to their requirements, considering their needs, wants, and wishes.
  • Clients with this level of understanding don’t need to know the nitty-gritty. Their other team members might need that.
  • They only need to see the direction we’re headed.
  • This program takes somewhere between 3-9 months depending upon the size of the organization.
  • They are okay with experiments and testing as well because that’s going to be the base of their future growth.
  • This solution could completely be done by our team, or else we collaborate with their in-house teams to implement it.
  • After completion, if they wish to continue to have us on their team, we consult them once or twice every month to make sure everything is on track.
  • They do get what they wanted, and what they wished for. But, they must continue sticking to the plan.

Now, Here’s A Takeaway

Your company may either address the needs, wants, and wishes of your audience or only the wishes of your audience.

And, the needs of your audience might be the wants of your competitor’s audience.

So, before making a decision about your marketing methods, channels and messages, understand thoroughly what your target audience needs, wants, and wishes to have.