Growth Driven Design Website [Live Experiment]

Website design is not more just an art work. Unlike recent past, it has emerged as a great combination of beauty with brain. As inbound marketing is customer centric & growth driven approach, so the website should be as well.

Technically, there are a lot maths & science behind a successful website that bring more and more business everyday. That is call – Growth Driven Website Design.

So, set a precise example of such approach, we are implementing this on our own website To do so, we have launched today it’s first version a.k.a Launchpad.

So, you will see many changes on this website including blog if you visit in months. Otherwise, for frequent visitors [daily, weekly] these changes will be minor, hard to notice.

Above that, you can bookmark this page, if you want to see a live experiment. As this post itself is going to get a lot of changes for each and every frequent change.

First Version Launch – 25th Sep, 2019

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