Digital marketing Vs Inbound marketing

Digital marketing Vs Inbound marketing

The scope of marketing has expanded to a great extent in the recent years. The styles and tactics of marketing have gone into undefined new paths. This is because of the evolution of digital era.

Now comes the question – What is Digital marketing? What is Inbound marketing? How are both different from each other?

Fortunately, there is a cone structure which is a great way to differentiate the two. Digital marketing is like a speaker to broadcast messages for everyone to hear.

While Inbound marketing is like a funnel which attracts, converts, close and delights the customers.

Let’s dig deep into it.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term which is a compilation of standalone tactics a business can use to reach users. Digital marketing tactics like Google search, social media, email, digital brochures, micro-sites, PPC and websites and so on, are used to influence businesses to connect with their potential customers.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing funnel which is holistic and data-driven marketing. It is an effective marketing strategy, all elements and practices are aligned, which brings in qualified leads through your sales funnel in a natural way.

Inbound marketing is all about content. It involves the great deal of content creation for a more dynamic and educational experience. It is achieved via blogging, SEO and website pages that keeps prospects return for more.

Inbound marketing generates high-quality, interest-driven conversations which result in more qualified traffic to a business’s site.

Digital marketing Vs Inbound marketing

Both Digital and Inbound marketing are similar and focus on creating digital content for people to consume.

Digital marketing and Inbound marketing are different in certain cases. They are:

1. Elements Vs methodology

-Digital marketing is a broader term but uses fewer tactics. It is more visually-oriented. Digital marketing makes things look attractive on the internet with visual renovations, logo creation and graphics.

-Inbound marketing is an entire marketing methodology. Inbound marketing uses dozens of interwoven tactics for content branding. Branding your content involves creating powerful, engaging messages for potential customers.

2. Tactics Vs programs

-Digital marketing is the practice of marketing to users across digital platforms with elements like banners, brand recognition and advertisements.

-Inbound marketing programs are designed to your company’s target persona that offers captivating messages and set plan for using inbound tactics. Inbound marketing consists of blogging, content offerings and conversion elements which take balanced time and knowledge to implement correctly.

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3. Digital marketing can be used for banner and websites wherein you should tell it to a large community of people.

Inbound marketing brings right customers at the right time with clear-cut methods.

4. Digital marketing uses the best strategy of internet marketing to generate awareness.

Inbound marketing is used to increase sale and cover quality of the lead.

5. Digital marketing is preferred while generating brand name among users for fast and short-term.

Inbound marketing is preferable for long-term business marketing, to find users easily and to have more traffic.

Who’s targeted?

-Digital marketing is slightly similar to outbound marketing strategy. It reaches out to users across all digital platforms which leads to large audience reach. The drawback is that it brings in more unqualified users.

-Inbound marketing uses a unique strategy. It targets only potential customers coming to you. Attracts and converts online users organically through user engagement and natural interest.

The goal is to convert strangers to visitors, visitors to leads to customers, and customers to promoters.

Which creates better results?

Inbound marketing has more proven results than Digital marketing. But some forms of digital marketing are dimensions of Inbound.

-Digital marketing can be measured fairly with click-through rates on email or paid ads. But the Return on Investment (ROI) of these metrics doesn’t come under inbound marketing metrics.

-Inbound marketing can be measured with the Number of leads converted into customers, consumption reports, sharing metrics and sales metrics.

Final word

Digital marketing and Inbound marketing are preferred based on the goal of your marketing method.

Inbound marketing hikes your sales and gives better response more efficiently whereas Digital marketing can help your brand get recognized.

Make a clear decision and get started.

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