B2B Marketing Trends that are changing the landscape

Let us make you aware of where the B2B industries are going with their marketing strategies and help you identify the market trends to outperform your competition. Our B2B marketing trends summarizes the key tactics one can look up to increase sales and conversions over the upcoming days. 

A Foresight

  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence has an increased role in empowering digital platforms to shape B2B marketing trends moving forward.
  • Businesses will focus more on digital medium to serve as a forefront to all B2B marketing strategies via different social media platforms. 
  • Supporting the post-pandemic era, more businesses will be embracing digital marketing trends and transforming the business landscape.

As a part of market trend analysis, the complete outbound marketing takes a backseat with the outlandish pandemic that has swept the world in the past year. The way we run businesses has changed dramatically this year and also for the good. 

B2B marketing had already taken an evolutionary path before the pandemic accelerated its shift. Crossing the aspects of B2B selling, the digital trends are acquiring new dimensions, from simple product selling to an agenda that includes telling engaging stories to their virtual audience. While achieving the right positioning in the market the customer retention plan computes around the customized strategies made based on their needs.

If you’re a company that sells its services to other businesses, then you would get to know how the pandemic will impact new B2B marketing trends through this blog. Here are 8 B2B Marketing trends that will change the landscape.

AI – Powered Automation

With Automation, marketers can create better customer experiences, increase loyalty and receive a token of greater customer value. And when marketers use AI to induce automation they create a superpower. It can help in enhancing the campaigns and programs by drawing on user preferences and tailoring their experiences with speed and precision. It is all possible on a massive scale with AI- powered automation. 

With the added intelligence you:

  • Increase the ability to grow a business
  • Tap into the real-time data insights in secs
  • Get a head first of people and processes
  • Auto-optimize experiences with precision

Before you jump into combining AI and automation, it is required to see what works best for you. Many organizations face challenges of trying to manually manage various marketing efforts. This is when AI comes into the picture, it can help you cut down the risks created by the manual approach to speed up time.

Go Digital First

Digital marketing has already made a mark over the past few years on the internet. Increasingly many businesses have been allotting separate budgets to work towards this aspect. As the past year has gone by, the digital medium has been the forefront of all the marketing strategies. 

Businesses are actively keeping their focus on digital opportunities and forming an increased value on customers’ digital experiences. So we are looking ahead at a digitally centered business marketing plans to suffice in the B2B space. 

Moreover, it has been a greater shift towards the enhancement of digital experience through highly engaging visuals. Essentially it will lead to improved content marketing and high-end social media engagement with an increased role of dedicated specialists in the field. Transform your strategy into digital opportunities with greater specialization of domains within the digital marketing spectrum. 

For a B2B company, getting all-digital is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Customer- focused content on social media results in promoting purchase, cross-buying and customer profitability.  

Raise In Content Marketing Demand

Gone are the days when the business team disseminated the content creation task on its own. Devising an effective content marketing strategy today has become critical to a successful marketing program. This trend has engineered a greater demand for dedicated content marketing professionals.

Don’t misunderstand content marketing by sending bulk emails and updating social media posts just to derive insights about your products. But it is a specialized domain today that involves effective market research, in-depth understanding of customers’ actions and a knack of devising cutting edge campaigns that hold a greater impact. 

An experienced content marketing professional should:

  • Identify the ideal audience for the brand
  • Develop new content ideas consistently
  • Perform social validation to test the content

Content promotion is the most crucial in today’s online world. While the competition in the economy is intense, relying solely on organic reach is a potential mistake. Instead, use different content marketing strategies to expand the business’s audience and develop a brand affinity to drive leads and sales.

Video Content Over The Static

B2B Video marketing is clearly on the rise. It’s the time to tell your brand story to impel the buyers. Nearly all the businesses who are video marketing their business, plan to continue doing and even increase their budget this upcoming year. 

It is a part of content marketing which involves planning, developing, and sharing content in video format. Video is known to be the most effective way to drive sales for B2B marketers. As videos have emerged to be the most consumed type of content, it is imperious for a business to build a video marketing strategy to market their brand.

Most of all, B2B videos sound professional, educative and a total reflection of a brand. It is essential to utilize 3 key strengths of a video viz. Distribution channels, technology and creativity. Either way, you can take a clue from other B2B companies and concede upon what is working for them to gain deeper insights.

Hardcore Data-driven Analysis

Brands regardless of their areas of activity are always under pressure to prospect more and generate leads to boost their sales. Data-driven marketing is something that can save up most of the task involving brand awareness.

Big data has increasingly influenced new marketing concepts and methods. With thorough research, your company can gather the data and put it into action. The data analysis is made relevant to the current trends to align the business goals.

As we move towards a new fiscal year, companies are more focused on using data-driven insights to better understand their customers. The integration of B2B datasets into the marketing strategy has become more significant for today’s businesses. 

By having a data-driven approach, you benefit in:

  • Optimizing your market channel
  • Targeting your custom audience
  • Enhancing your customer experience
  • Building brand awareness and loyalty
  • Improving consistent strategy

Wipe off Lines Between Marketing & Sales

The role of marketing and sales in demand evolve together. There is zero tolerance for finger-pointing. The traditional barriers are wiped out and collaboration is the supremacy to success. Today, the B2B marketing helps in generating forecast revenue, formulate customer strategy and inform decisions that shall move the complete brand forward.

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales by:

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Inviting sales to the table often

The key to success is defining what a qualified lead is and what the handoff between marketing and sales looks like. Document the buyer’s journey and their contribution journey. Developing your system defines the transition from marketing to sales. 

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Developing a sales concierge desk

B2B marketers need to develop hybrid marketing and sales professionals to serve prospective buyers. These people add a human touch to the automation process by reaching out through phone, email, or social media channels to help buyers get the info they need.


With the evolution of the above trends, we are hopeful of your sustained growth and recovery on the path entering the new decade. B2B marketing significantly differs from the B2C variant. 

The main focus is to identify the target group and address the same with smaller or bigger targeted measures. While personal connection and a flawless reputation are also extremely crucial. Make sure your advertising efforts are not pushy, especially if you are trying to win new customers.  

Embracing the digital transformation this year will transform the business landscape and tip the scales in the favor of the B2B marketers. Overall, this can be the year when businesses will realize the complete need for engineering a full-fledged digital presence.