Ultimate B2B Buying Motivation To Make A Purchase – Quick Psychology

Ultimate B2B Buying Motivation To Make A Purchase

B2B buyers like any other buyers are driven by secret desires.

The driving force is usually to get the best quality at a nominal price. But there are other factors too. Some are quantifiable factors while others tend to be more emotionally relatable.

For example, some buyers prefer to maintain old relations and would rule out minor price differences for timely delivery and credit payment terms.

There are some buyers who prefer to experiment with new suppliers/providers.

It ultimately depends on individual preferences to close a deal. For a better understanding of the buyer preferences and overall B2B buying motivation, let’s first get to know the different types of buyers on the basis of their behavioral preferences.

Categories of B2B Buyers 

The work of marketing agents and sales personnel would be a cakewalk if they know the precise reason behind the sale of their products or services. Client psychology can be complex when it comes to understanding the reason why they choose to buy something.

One buyer may pick up things on the basis of an emergency from the nearest vendor while the other may compare the best options available before making a purchase decision. It is imperative to study the client profile before making any offers as a wrong approach will lead to shutting the deal even before it gets initiated.

The business conditions keep evolving dynamically and client profiles are no different. The client’s needs may differ in the future. But it’s always advisable to gauge the relationship level of the client with your company. It ensures good trade deals among current as well as prospective purchasers.

Marketers can easily assess buyer behavior enabling a greater lead conversion rate.

Here we would discuss the four groups of buyer categories before setting forth on marketing efforts.

1. The Sharp Targets

This group of buyers comes in contact with you at the moment when you are offering exactly what they need. The timing of their association is just perfect. The marketer happens to be in touch with the buyer at the exact moment when he faces an issue and is looking for a solution.

You need not upsell anything new to the buyers. You simply need to deliver according to the expectations.

To retain these buyers, it is important to mold to their demand and serve consistently with integral quality. The affinity developed at this stage could hold them to become committed clients.

The key here would be to minimize the client’s risk and not making faults from your side. There should be no ground for clients to diverge from your proposal.

2. The Pro-Active Buyers

The buyers in this category (almost 59%) find out information about your company and look for the solution you can offer to them. The buyers know the situation and seek the best possible solution from you.

You would not be the only company they would approach the problem so it is essential to hit their pressing expectations and overwhelm them with all that they desire. Don’t give competition any opportunity to take away this deal from you. Make a lasting impression so that the buyer never goes around to any other company for this particular solution.


Don’t make the mistake of trying to tell the buyer how good you are compared to others because they already know your company profile. Rather, keep your focus on the solution they need.

It is an absolutely different strategy you need to apply when a buyer approaches you, vis-a-vis you approaching them.

3. The Committed Clients

You are the PERFECT 5-STAR rating seller for this buyer group. They have worked with you in the past or they have found out about you from reliable sources and want to make purchases from you only.

They have really high expectations from you in terms of quality and commitment. They constantly lookout for new products and services that you come up with. They even spread your brand name by word of mouth.

Since these clients hold you in high regard, it is your responsibility to fulfill their expectations multifold. They are the true brand value ambassadors of your company. So, never disappoint them.

Less marketing efforts are required for such clients although it is important to keep them satisfied and appreciate their efforts of being committed to you.

Beware, marketers! Don’t ever take these client accounts for granted as the major chunk of your bread butter comes from them.

4. The Acquainted Buyers

These buyers do not have connections with your company, but they contact you when there is a need. You play more of emergency aid for them. They will perpetually utilize you for their own benefits.

This is a client connection that surmounts all the other categories. In spite of knowing their intentions, you still need to serve them properly and efficiently. It may become annoying to deal with their attitude sometimes, but at the end of the day, returns are all that counts.

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Now that you know about different categories of B2B buyers, let’s check out what’s behind the B2B buying motivation for them.

Insight Of The Buying Habits

In dynamic B2B trade conditions, indulging in huge development deals with numerous high-profile partners, the driving factors for B2B buying motivation and behaviors of the prospects are hard to comprehend for any marketer.

Every high-profile person in the company has their own measure to decide on what’s the best buy for their firm, depending on their own prerogatives. They are driven by personal judgments, experiences, and preferences adding up in the ordeal of conclusive decision making.

Many deals are called off indefinitely or prolonged unduly for the lack of coordination among the key decision-makers in the company. No salesperson wants to get stuck in such a situation, therefore the target has to be pinpointed towards presenting clear-cut selling propositions, convincing and addressing all the client issues in a smart and unpretentious manner.

Addressing the real issue, the prime B2B buying motivation behavior is based on two dominant instincts – “Accomplishment” and “Ache”.

“Accomplishment” and “Ache” are the catalyst for every choice we make to determine our future conditions. There is a natural instinctive behavior of progressive succession that in essence drives to perform better (“accomplishment”) and another consequential behavior of preventing unfavorable situations that may arise eventually (“ache”).

The scenario in the B2B trade is similar. The marketers need to evaluate numbers, check-in their profit statements, ensuring that fiscal estimates are appropriate and in line with the demand. They also vouch for the credibility of the company.

However, their prominent role is to boost “accomplishment” and prevent “Ache” for the client. 

Accomplishment = Gain

The majority of B2B deals are driven by the prospect’s intention to indulge in huge gains by availing the advantage of the current favorable circumstances, decreasing outlay or multiplying the yield.

For example, if your product reduces the client’s marketing expenditure or creates a larger lead base for their business, you are influencing the “accomplishment” urge of your client.

Keep endorsing the positive impact of your product on their firm’s sales rather than discussing the technical details and specifications.

Of course, you need not rule out the basics but guide the client towards their benefits more and don’t forget to mention their ROI gains.

Ache = Expenses

The next distinctive influencer is the “Ache”. This includes the issues the prospects could be facing at present or the problems they are unaware of.

The marketing expenses of the buyer could be more than budgeted, a low lead conversion could be an issue, the current working strategy and solutions might not be providing adequate returns. There are numerous things that could be affecting the client’s “ache” spot.

The marketing conversation should be more bent on the query side. Just like the doctor enquires about the pressure areas, similarly, the salespeople need to ask the prospects about their stress issues. Opening up about a problem and trying to find a solution is human nature.

Questions like:

  • “Are you facing some problems with the product you are using?”
  • “Is there any business issue you are stuck up with?”
  • “Are you finding it tough to reach out to your consumers?”

…help establish a connection with the buyer’s “ache” point and gives your marketing team a chance to promote solutions effectively.


It is essential for marketers to communicate with buyers in an influential manner addressing both “accomplishment” and “ache” tips. Seek the cause of their desire to associate with your company, is your product reducing their cost or upgrading their business operations?

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The ultimate buyer behavior relies on heading towards “accomplishment” and curing the “ache” which should be persuaded at an early stage of their buying journey. And, conclusively, B2B marketing is all about mutually coexisting for benefit and progress.

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