5 Quick Ways To Discover New Blog Post Ideas

5 Quick Ways To Discover New Blog Post Ideas

You are an active blogger, and you have a regular content schedule. Like general day today its time to publish a blog post, and due to some reasons you have no idea what you should write today, but your readers are expecting an update on your blog. If you are in such situation, this article will help you to discover blog post ideas quickly. Use any one of easy ways bellow to find out topics for blog post quickly and easily.

Get New Blog Post Ideas Quickly?

Before you will go ahead remember, you should use these techniques only when you are blank. I am not giving any warning, but these are not usual ways of creating blog post. You should write every content after a detailed research, because your reader wants a useful contents not just another post. By the way these are not bad at all if you are blank, if you want to write a new blog post right now.

1. List Your Favorited Tools or Resources.

This may be easiest topic for you if your mind become totally blank. You don’t have to spend hours to find things to write upon, as these are your personal opinion, write it as a list and explain each one by one. Its evergreen technique to find new idea for blog post, it cannot be possible you have written all of your favourite things, remember you are a human and you should always have.

2. Round Up Industry News.

Its another one of the easiest ways to provide value to your readers without producing a lot of content. Create a roundup of the best blog posts or most important industry news of the last week or month. Simply do a small research on twitter or any recent industry updates, aggregate information to change them into a complete blog post.

3. Answer Any Previously Asked Question By Readers.

As a blogger we have comment form bellow each post and a special contact us page. During comment conversation or social media reply or even through contact us page, we get lots of question asked by hungry people. They need some perfect answers of all questions, its quite difficult to give answers of these questions right there. But writing a blog post as an answer of any question is not only easy way to get viral post, but also it can enhance your active presence in blogging community.

4. Write A Case Study or You Own Success Story.

Writing case study about your success or failure is another easy way to find blog post idea. Write a detail report on any success story of your blogging period. Writing such type of post is completely unique article, as this could happen only with you and you know well people and the big guy Google how much love fresh content.

5. Comment On Recent Trends.

Each day new information and trends popup on the web. It is not necessary that information will reach to everyone properly. May be you are first to know about that information or may be situation people know it, but could not understand in right way. Its best opportunity for you to solve this puzzle for everyone quickly and easily. Take any recent trend or update from your industry, and write a detail comment on it.


Hope you could find something useful. I was also trying to write this post as fast as I could. By the way, I wrote this in 30 minutes. One of my friends helped me to get image, so I could save 10 minutes more. So, what how do you write blog post quickly, while you don’t want actually? Please don’t forget to share your ideas.

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