10 Quick Ways To Build Blog Traffic Channels

10 Quick Ways To Build Blog Traffic Channels

Once upon a time blogging was very simple. You just had to write lots of content to get enough traffic to monetize and make money online. There were dozens of articles websites making millions of dollar by just sharing tons of contents. There was no hard and fast rule to follow, Google was working basically on page rank, the number of backlinks and the age of the domain.

But now trends have been changing, the function of Google has changed completely. On the other hand, there are millions of websites and blogs for the same topics. So, it becomes hard to stay on the top.

Due to high competition and quality of contents, Google has changed its strategy to serve better and relevant results. SEO is taking more than normal time, but you want to grow fast.

Do you want to grow your blog fast? This crazy long post will help you how can you build a solid traffic channel for your blog without relying on Google. At least before Google rank your blog on the first page to send free organic traffic. Don’t worry these are also free and for a long term.

Why Do You Need Other Blog Traffic Channels?

So, blogging is not easy as it was, you have to do much more different from your rivals. You have to follow lots of guidelines while you write a single line of the blog post. Your competitors may be smarter than you, they are also doing search engine optimisation. Therefore, traditionally SEO, unique contents and backlinking are not enough to get a considerable result of blogging. You have to do something special, something unique that will bring more people to the table.

Do you think, what may be these different strategies or technique? I know, you are guessing a big social media channel, or guest blogging, or more backlinks etc. If so, then you are no more right. According to recent Google animal updates, off page SEO like backlinking or guest post are no more a 100% white level technique. So, what is your plan B, if Google is proving itself a B*tch for newbies.

Moreover, due to thousands of unexpected seo updates in Google’s ranking factors, you cannot be at the same position as today. Your ranking may increase that sounds good or may fall enough to the bottom.

That is way, being a smart blogger, you should always have a plan B for to maintain the growth of your blog. So, it’s time to build different website traffic channels other than Google.

Start With These Blog Traffic Channels.

By the way, in this simple post, I am sharing some basic and advanced technique to use overcome b*tcing situation of Google.

1. Aggressive Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is the smartest way to build a fan based blog traffic channel other than just doing search engine optimisation. Moreover, Google always wants to serve the best result, so if you are more popular among social channel, you will be having more attention from it.

How To Use Social Media For Blogging?

Create a separate branded social media accounts and pages for your blog. You may not have time to manage these, so either you should get help from others or start with fewer numbers of channels. Twitter, Facebook and Google plus is common, you should also try Pinterest, LinkedIn or some other channels.

Based on niche and topics, specific social media channel works better than other others. As for example, for fashion related blog, Pinterest in always better than LinkedIn and twitter. For B2B blogging LinkedIn is the best channel and so on. So, do a small research on the niche of your blog and then focus on a best-performing channel.

Use Buffer, which makes social media sharing pretty much easier than manual. Best practice is not only sharing your own content and links, share whatever things are useful for your audience. Start some magnetic social media campaigns to build a large audience and much more.

2. Create Useful and Evergreen Contents.

Google is showing some sign to eliminate just backlinks as a core ranking factor. Writing useful, evergreen and crazy long contents is the best way to attract an authority blog to mention your views in their copy. Link post, info and data posts, how to guide etc are the types of evergreen content.

Moreover, if you write useful and the complete contents, apart from just reading people will suggest your article to their own networks. So, there is an extra chance of getting new readers and hence more website traffic channels.

3. Utilise The Power Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is very important for a blogger because it has a great potential to drive quality traffic to your blog. Most people think email does not impact search engine optimisation, so they ignore it, but it has more potential than search engine traffic as your list grows.

Email is something like personal interaction, it would bring traffic to your website on every fresh content. Email brings return visitors, and you know return visitors are more engaged. So, it increases on-site engagement, bounce rate, authority and hence everything of the website.

4. Join Niche Based Community.

The Internet is full of smart people, who love to meet like-minded. So, there are hundreds and thousands of online discussion forum and question answer websites. You can use one or more to build your own sub-community there for your blog. Although it takes time, but if you can manage it, you will get lots of benefits along with returning visitors.

Are you looking for such community? If yes, you can try Yahoo Answers, Answers.com, Quora, DigitalPoint, WarriorForum, or some google plus community and much more. Don’t go with everyone, I think you should use one or two first, build a considerable influence and see benefits yourself.

5. Write eBooks.

The ebook is still very popular, people love to read it, even if they have to pay for this. Use this opportunity to get extra traffic for your blog. Write a nice ebook, attach you links where you think, it should be. For more result, give it for free with the subscription to your mailing list.

How to create eBook Quickly?

eBook creation is not a rocket science, so anyone can do this. If you have no idea to write it, just pick some popular categories and posts of your blog. Edit it to make suitable for the eBook, and then convert into pdf that is your ebook now. Go ahead and spread it as much as you can.

6. Create a Membership Website.

The membership website is a very effective way to build your own community and of course to make recurring income source too. Although it’s risky to loose everything if you are not proactive, but it has great potential to drive lots of continuous traffic to your blog. People who join you will come again and again as the most engaged visitors.

How to create membership website fast?

There are lots of resources and tools to create a membership website. If you are using WordPress, you have more options. MemberMouse is very popular to build your own membership website traffic channels. That is not free, so you can use some other limited but free plugins too.

7. Build a Conversation Platform

User generated content is very easy way add extra value to your blog or website. It increases on-site engagement, which ultimately increases the readership of your blog. In long term becomes a continuous traffic source.

How to create own conversation platform?

You can use a small discussion forum or any question answer plugin to invite readers to interact with each other. The most important note: Use a proper tool wisely, there are so many bad guys who always try to do spam stuff. So, never mind to kick them.

8. Encourage RSS Feed Subscription.

RSS feed reader is very and easy way to read contents, so people prefer it more than directly visiting the blog. Don’t miss to invite new readers for RSS subscription. It will help you to make an extra website traffic channel without relying on Google.

How to take RSS subscription further?

Feedburner is still number one RSS feed tool there, it’s very easy to use and most popular too. You can also try some other premium RSS feed managing tool, but you should use Feedburner, its free with no geeky headache.

9. Create a Product.

The concept behind the product is, building a paid customer based community and hence extra traffic channel. If you have some budget, create a useful tool or any other digital products. Sell them on your blog, invite affiliate marketers to promote on commission.

What should I create?

Based on your niche, you can sell any products like eBooks, software, plugins, themes etc. Again if you are using WordPress, everything become so easy.

10. Give Freebies.

Who don’t love free gifts, really you don’t? Create something awesome, give it for free and see results yourself. Even very small freebie can generate you thousands of extra links and hence traffic to your blog. So, just do it for to build a free blog traffic channel.

What should I giveaway?

You can create anything that in between very important or attractive, like if you are a chef, you can create a free handbook of selected recipe.


A Blogger either wants to make money or wants to generate leads for their business. I don’t know what’s your, but a continuous (never decreasing and always increasing) traffic could be an ultimate goal for you.

If you are doing lots of hard works for search engine optimisation. But, all of a sudden, Google is not working for you anymore, or it is taking lots of time. Then, you need a plan B to overcome such depressing situation. These were the techniques to create more blog traffic channels without relying just on Google’s obligation.

Hope, you enjoyed the article. Please don’t forget to mention your own plan B, I would love to use yours here on openthrive.

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