10 Modern SEO Practices That Actually Work

10 Modern SEO Practices That Actually Work

Blogging means building your own loyal audience, who can take actions as you want. For example, if you are selling cakes, you can convince your blog visitors to buy your cake i.e, become your paying customers. If you want to make money from your blog, you can convince these visitors to take actions on your ads or affiliate links. In short, blogging for your business just means making an army of fans who take actions as you want.

Now, the biggest challenge is how they will find you to become your fans. There are so many ways that can let your blog be discovered, from SEO to SMM, SEM, guest blogging, community posting, and outreach etc.

In spite of so many options, I think Search engines would be on the top of your list. Right? If you are looking for how you can leverage SEO to grow your blog, this post is just for you.

Today, in this post I will be talking about some unique SEO techniques that I have used to grow three startup blogs from zero to 30K unique hits per month within 6 months.

Why SEO is Important?

Google says, there are millions of people searching billions of queries on Google alone. What do you think, if you can take advantage of only small fraction of this big event? Do you think how to use this huge opportunity? If so, you have to use search engine optimization techniques.

Basically, people search on Google only for either entertainment or knowledge (information). If you have solutions, you have to tell Google for the recommendation of your content on their top results. So, SEO is the best way to encourage Google to index your website on top rankings. Thus, Search engine optimization is the technique to build an opportunity of high traffic to your online platform.

How to do SEO?

I think there is not a perfect answer to this question. The best way is to create content both for “people” and “search engine” as well. Search engine like Google is changing continuously, again and again, but the quality of content will be the first priority of any change that may happen in future as well. So, only the best way is to create useful content that people want to read. Come up with your own views on every single topic, create long and interesting contents. Make a search engine friendly blog, use SEO tools that Google loves and avoid techniques that Google hates.

I am not an expert SEO guru yet, but I have been doing some decent seo practices for a long time that I wanted to share with you. I have used these techniques to get huge attraction from Google to get thousands of traffic footprints on a lot of websites belonging to our clients. I will not take your time anymore, let’s start.

Modern and The Best SEO Practices.

1. Content is The Ruler.

SEO is done only with content, without any content it’s baseless to even talk about it. In case you are smart enough to play false, your website may be deleted from Google index. So, quality content comes before playing with search engine optimization. Create as much as relevant content that your audience wants to read. Content was king, is still a ruler and will be the most important part for any type of SEO.

2. Create Clickable Titles.

I used to be very confused about writing titles. Most of the time, either I used titles without the keyword or I was using only a “keyword-rich” title without making it interesting and meaningful. Soon after an in-depth research and A/B testing, I realized that the clickable elements in a title are more important than a keyword-rich title. If you get a combination of keywords and clickable elements, that is the best for you. Otherwise, clickable element rich title is more a performer even if it appears on lowers rank in Google search.

3. Keyword is not everything.

Keyword is said to be the game player of SEO and I can bet you 99.99% of webmasters suggest keyword formula. I am not different, but I never think it’s important until and unless the natural flow of your content is not effected. People usually stuff lots of keywords that makes their content little bit boring and sounds useless. Never compromise with readers’ satisfaction. Remember, attracting more and more readers is your first goal. So, never let even one of them be irritated by your content. Write keyword-rich content just less than its saturation level, otherwise filling up the content above the saturation level is not as important as you think.

4. Use Backlinking Wisely.

Backlinking has been one of the most important ranking factors in SEO. For best SEO practices, all smart webmasters have used this technique to be ranked on the top of the search page. But, to avoid huge spamming and black-hat SEO activities, Google is not preferring it now like in the past years. Although, backlinking factor is not a power of SEO, but quality backlinking, especially from content area still plays an important role in search engine optimization. So, play with it pretty much wisely.

5. Consider Long Tail keywords.

According to a research, Google found that there are hundreds and thousands of new long tail keywords searched by people every month that was never resulted well. Who knows those keywords exactly? I think, not even Google does! By the way, if you write your content just in a natural way to educated your readers, try to use some long tail keywords if you can. It seems to be difficult, but one or two long keywords is not a tough job if you write 1000+ word articles.

6. Synonyms Are Better Than Keyword Stuffing.

Whenever I look at my Google Webmaster search queries data, I notice that I have been getting 45 times more impressions on synonym words, which I used instead of main keywords. By the way, if you are getting impressions, you will also get clicks once you would write more number of quality content to support those impressions.

If you care about keywords more, then you can use this technique to avoid keyword stuffing.

Well, keyword stuffing is a spamming activity: To know more you should watch this video: Does Google take action on sites that do keyword stuffing?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0z7XOOmoM4

7. Take Advantage of Social Signals.

Many people do not believe that social signals from social media affects SEO. I don’t think it’s not affecting, and even if it doesn’t, what is the problem if you use it as a traffic source! If affects, you will get SEO advantages and if not you will extra traffic. Still not sure whether you should use it for search engine optimization? Don’t forget to read: How Social Media Affects SEO

8. Write Longer and Detailed Posts.

I do not remember exactly when, but I was reading a post on Neil Patel’s blog QuickSprout: How Long Should Each Blog Post Be? A Data Driven Answer. I was pretty much impressed by this article, and that’s why I always write 1000+ words in each and every blog post of mine. Result is far more than my expectations. If you want to get some special attention from Google or other search engine, you should create a detailed and longer article.

9.  Measure The SEO Competition.

Do you think competitors are very smart? If not, you should be doing it now. I get a lot of inspiration to write blog posts, they always guide me what should I not do. So, always keep one eye on your competitors’ move, use their blogging mistakes as a challenge for you. Take advantages of measured data to improve search engine optimization of your own blog. We do it for our clients anyway!

10. Use Google Analytics/Webmaster data.

I can bet, only few bloggers know what they can do with the data driven by Google Analytics or Webmaster tool. As these services are absolutely free, almost every blogger use these. I use  data to write more posts on the best performing keywords and phrases. It also discovers tons of blog post ideas for me. So, I would like to suggest you, use that valuable data to take your blog to the next level. This will improve your SEO too, as you will be supporting Google to get more and more content for the same impressions.


SEO is not just about making an SEO friendly blog, it’s actually writing each and every content under the quality guidelines. Moreover, content is the key to search engine optimization. So, write more and more content, share what your readers want to read. Use these techniques to leverage the SEO potential of your blog. Finally, there are no “magical” SEO practices that will rank your blog overnight. It’s a long term practice, take your time, become a streamlined blogger to be ranked well. Are you still reading, what technique did you like the most?

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