10 Great Benefits Of Blogging Perhaps You Don’t Know

10 Great Benefits Of Blogging Perhaps You Don’t Know

Blogging is a great way to come online to speak your mind. If you are not a blogger, you are missing something great today. According to recent data there exist more than 160 million blog today. Are you thinking, where are you?

Unlike general websites blog is updated regularly, that’s why people prefers blogs more than any other online resources. But, still today there are more people who don’t know about blogging. Specially in India most of the people do not believe blogging may be a career or a powerful tool for business.

Here is some cool and great advantages of blogging. There is rarely any disadvantage of blogging until and unless you are doing it for nothing.

10 Benefits Of Blogging.

Here I have come with some important benefits of having a blog. If you have not started a blog, it will help you to think why you should start a blog. If you have already one, you can use this for inspiration to take your blogging experience to the next level. It is also good for, who do not think that blogging is great.

1. Express Yourself.

Blog is nice place to share your personal expressions and feelings. Blog is always better than social media for who know the words brand and branding. You can share anything. You can also use it as your daily dairy, a place to record something important.

2. Help Others.

Blogging is great way to help other people, and a professional blogger always do. If you are a cooking expert, you can help other to cook new recipe. If you are a fitness guru, you can share your ideas that can change life of other people. You can use a blog to raise money for NGO.

3. Connect With Like Minded People.

Blogging is an ultimate way to connect with people of common thinking throughout this world. This connection is very useful for your business specially if you are selling digital products or any software.

4. Build your own online identity.

You can build an effective personal brand with blog. As its a nice way to get online audience for your blog, they also become your fan. Every new visitor will know with your blog. I think this is one of the most important Benefits Of Blogging.

5. Build a Network.

A blog is just like a separate community, every reader become a part of this community. So, you can build a large group of loyal audience. Later on you can use them to market you own product or service very easily and effectively.

6. Learn New Skills.

Writing blog post is more than writing books, magazine or simply in your school paper. Practically blogging may be a completely new thing for you. You learn how to write contents for both, people and search engine bot.

7. Opens Door For Business.

A popular blog has its own community, there may be millions of followers who always try to follow the things shared by their favourite blog. So, they can easily become your followers to paid customer.
Coppyblogger is the best example of such type of blogs. They had created a large community first, then launched Websynthese and scribed content.

8. Grow Your Existing Business.

Blogging is a great way to interact with your potential customers. Unlike advertisement It’s long term technique to convert visitor into a paying customer. You can make your own a large and loyal community. They will not only become your paid customers, but also help you to grow your business among their own network.

9. Opens A Better Job Opportunity.

If you have a better blog with a good traffic on it, people start knowing you. Gradually you become popular in particular area of blogging community. It make your resume more effective and eligible for lots of online business and marketing company.
I know many people who was hired by stratup companies only on the basis of their blog, and they are getting paid like any MNCs managers.

10. Finally You Can Make Money.

Blogging is the best way to make money online. Its working for people who are active and smart to convert traffic into money. You can monetize it with adnetwork like Adsense, chitika, infolinks or Affiliate networks for extra money from your blog.


Blogging is one of the most effective way to share your idea to others, without any boundary and distance. It’s very useful for business to grow better than any other ways. You can make money from it, you can raise money for a cause which need your help.

So, have you a blog, are you getting Benefits Of Blogging? Share it in comment bellow. If you don’t have a blog, I think you should start one today.

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