Why You Should Revamp Your B2B Website Every 2.6 Years (Report)

Trends change, people change. And of course, the way the people in your target audience make B2B purchases also change. It’s a bold idea to not touch the website for five years and think about the reasons why it’s not contributing to your marketing & sales efforts.

Well, bold, but not a beautiful idea. A research by Orbit claims that every B2B website must go through the design revamping cycle every 2.6 years. Strangely accurate!

Why B2B Website Fails


Remove Obstacle & Friction From Your B2B Website’s Design & Engagement Flows

A company’s marketing and sales teams are so intertwined, interconnected, and interdependent on each other – one cannot function well without the other. And yet, these two find it most difficult to work together. Inefficient systems, insufficient tools, and ineffective communication only add more fuel to the fire.

Disengagement inside your organization is disengagement between you and your customers. When your internal processes are not in line, external results are hard to come by.

From low conversions to low returns on investment, demotivated employees to uninterested customers, massive budget cuts to large-scale layoffs – friction between how your business works, looks, and functions can have increasingly disastrous consequences.

In today’s modern digital business space, getting your business to a frictionless start begins with a great website – one which fulfills all the basic requirements that your B2B prospects subtly crave for.

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